Jill D.

Excellent flavors! New favorites for our winter nosh plates 

Kara K.

My husband and I are on a keto diet and many of the meats here meet the criteria and taste absolutely delicious. I highly recommend the pork brownies

Barrell H.

These folks are new to the York Farmers Market, and we got a next door neighbor view of their booth. They have amazing stuff! We bought several items to share with family last weekend and I can’t wait to grab more!! FYI- they cook and sample bacon at their table at the market !!

Maureen C.

OMG! Found this at Sanford Farmers market the sausage is amazing! And the figgy bacon chutney- YUMMY!

April J.

We had a package of bacon and it was amazingly delicious!!! It cooked well because it’s dry cured. The taste was consistent with the entire package.

Diane C.

Amazing! I got the maple bacon, O.P.P. and Peachy Keen at Kennebunk Farmers Mkt and I’m hooked! Top quality and full of flavor!! Great job!!